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The Central Governor Theory

The Central Governor Theory has been around for quite a while now, but what exactly is it? The Central Governor Theory states that your mind will always subconsciously prioritize safety of your Central Nervous System first, then secondly safeguard your muscles and joints from serious physical damage by shutting you down. What does this means […]
Squat against wall

Do you need therapy?

\ Do you need squat therapy? Written by Nuno Costa If you were taken back by the title of this blog post, please read on as this may apply to making you a better mover. You may or may not have heard of squat therapy before and I am here to introduce you to this […]
Log Lift

Gymcentric is not Natural

Gymcentric is not Natural I first met Ed at the MovNat expansion course in West Virginia. I was helping Erwan Le Corre set up, coach, and run these natural movement seminars. We spent 5 days running around Summersville Lake barefoot, with no shirts, playing in the outdoors, and learning to move again. I distinctly remember Ed, he […]