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Saving Time Cooking & Avoiding “Fast Food”

Fast Food not only costs more, hurts your health, but doesn’t always even save you time. If real food is prepared it can be quicker than ordering takeout, or delivery. Also packing snacks or food to go can be quicker than going through the drive through. It takes preparation and time spent up front. But […]
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Shift Your Focus to Your Feet!

Shift Your Focus to Your Feet! Written by Melissa Hurley for CrossFit Invictus It is all too often that we forget about our feet. Our feet work so hard every day to help us in our daily routine and in our active activities. I like to remind myself and my clients that support begins at […]

Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink?

Orginially appeared on: Image on the right shows the wink and low back rounding Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink? Butt-wink is a term (totally scientific) used to describe the posterior rotation of the pelvis during a squat. This happens at different depths during a squat for different people, mainly depending on hamstring length. What causes the butt-wink? […]

Removing Calluses

Originally written for:   Removing Calluses I’ve had several people ask me about removing calluses from the hands. If you’re doing a lot of gymnastics, weightlifting,  grip training, or hand balancing (my 4 favorite hobbies) then calluses are an inevitability. They raise up and start to get pinched and can eventually rip off. This is […]
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You Have to Air Squat Before You Overhead Squat!

Written by Zach Erick for You Have to Air Squat Before You Overhead Squat! Written by Zach Erick It’s very easy to be wooed at the sight of Games athletes performing flawless muscle-ups and flipping 500 lb objects with ease. It should go without saying that these competitors have trained years and years to […]
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OLD TIME STRONGMAN DIETS On January 13, 2014 by Matthew Chan written by: Matthew Chan, Physical Culturist During the early 19th century (also known as the era of Physical Culture), there existed a group of strongmen who set the standard for today’s strength athletes and all lifters in general. Interestingly, most of these men stayed relatively […]

How to Win an Argument With a Nutritionist

January 2, 2014 | by Kris Gunnars on I love nutrition, but I really hate the way it tends to be practiced. Many dietitians are NOT basing their nutrition advice on the latest science (1). The general guidelines are completely outdated. They have barely changed in the past few decades, even though nutrition science has advanced […]