50 States Expedition

Athletic endeavors have always piqued my interest. There is nothing more raw and athletic than summiting a mountain. By its very definition this implies a difficult journey, often on harsh terrain, requiring strength to climb and endurance to persevere. What started with a passion for running and hiking has evolved into a journey to summit all 50 states. For updates please read the blog and subscribe to the blog via email (on the right side column of this page).


How It All Began – 50 States, 50 Peaks, and 1 Big Adventure

The States

State #1 Mount Davis, Pennsylvania: Starting With a Whirlwind – Elevation 3,213ft – Summit Date 11/24/12

State #2 Hoye Crest, Maryland: Into the Snowstorm – Elevation 3360 – Summit Date 11/24/12

State #3 Spruce Knob, West Virginia: Time Crunch – Elevation 4,862ft – Summit Date 11/24/12

State #4 Black Mountain, Kentucky: In the Zone – 4,145 – Summit date 11/25/12

State #5 Mount Rogers, Virginia: A Push to the End – Elevation 5,7,29 – Summit Date 11/25/12

State #6 Mount Humphreys, Arizona: Climbing to New Heights – Elevation 12,600 – Summit Date: 12/8/12

State #7 Mount Mitchell, North Carolina: The Start of Another Weekend Frenzy – Elevation 6684 – Summit Date 2/8/13


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4 thoughts on “50 States Expedition

  1. Jeff – it’s been awhile man. Strangely enough I ran into a guy at work the other day who has two states left…he was leaving for Alaska in just a few days…and he has Hawaii saved for last (likely the easiest).

    Hope all is well, site looks great. Stay in touch.

  2. Jeff, that’s an awesome goal. Something to train for and good for the soul. Best of Luck.