50 States: First Sponsor Inov-8 and the Ultimate Shoe Review

I am seeking help from sponsors to make our 50 States journey possible. Having the gear, time, and money is a challenge. Imagine trying to coordinate 50 different vacations in 50 states. Sounds fun right? Now add some serious mileage including hiking over 500 miles, driving and flying at least 10,000 miles and that doesn’t include training. But anything worth doing is never easy.

Inov-8 is a relatively new shoe company that was founded in 2003 in the United Kingdom. They have since become a major player in the United States, developing top of the line minimalist shoes for running, trail running, CrossFit, and much more. The Inov-8 sales rep for the southeast region happened to stop by to check out the CrossFit Box I started. We began talking, he was quickly on board to help out. He agreed to send footwear for our journey. He said “Trust me I will send you something really cool.” Two weeks later these showed up at my door on a Friday. Talk about Christmas during the summer.


So they needed to be tested and I did it to the extreme that weekend. I had plans already set for the weekend and testing the shoes fit in perfectly. Saturday I woke up early and drove to Orange County Virginia, to go Skydiving for the first time. It’s not the falling that’s the problem, only the landing and staying upright on your feet. The shoes stayed on tight at 130 mph while flying through the air but more importantly worked great upon landing. We set down in a grass field where the shoes quickly gained traction allowing for a smooth landing. This was not the most orthodox product test, but they passed with flying colors.


After skydiving was complete I drove down the road to Crabtree Falls. This is a 4 mile round trip hike up and back down the tallest series of falls east of the Mississippi. The trail was a mess due to constant rainfall this summer and being located right next to the falls. Mud of course wasn’t a problem as the ROCLITE’s gripped in and kept us going. The shoes held up well going up and down hill. This was not the last hike they would be my shoe of choice for.

IMG_0236 IMG_0307

Afterwards I went to eat at Devils Backbone, a secret of Nelson County Virginia. It was a fitting end to the day’s adventure and celebrating the first sponsor under my belt. And yes that is a 1/2lb of beef covered in a 1/4lb of pulled pork bbq, with bacon, and fried onions, on texas toast.


Of course this wouldn’t be enough to make it the Ultimate Shoe Review yet. Sunday morning I woke up early, put on my ROCLITE’s and went up to the James River. Here they performed great at the put in and take out to kayak the Balcony Falls section of the river. Since that weekend I have worn them for trail runs, hikes, and at work…yes I work at a gym so that’s acceptable. If you need a pair of trail shoes check out www.inov-8.com

If you are a potential sponsor and interesting in helping to support our journey please email jeff@athletichuman.com

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