Adaptive Cooking and Opportunistic Eating

Eating is a main component of our health, but an area where people often struggle. Rather than thriving in our modern world people suffer eating highly processed, unhealthy, and unsatisfying food. In this day and age we have access to an incredible variety of healthy foods all year long, and easy way to prepare them. Yet there is still a disconnect between what is available and what is being eaten. The main issue for many people is not a lack of understanding what is healthy. The issue often boils down to an inability to cook. There is fear of making something new, fear of messing a meal up, not knowing how to cook, and an inability to creatively assemble a meal.

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The first tool to eating healthy is the ability to cook. Cooking doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated with 12 step meals, restrictive recipes, and a huge list of ingredients. Learning basics skills and understanding the process of what is happening will allow you to cook anything! Recipes turn from an exact science that must be followed step by step measuring each ingredient exactly into suggestions that being to stir your creative process. How many times have you looked at a recipe and said, can’t do that, I don’t have all of those ingredients. Chances are if you have a some basic staples in your kitchen you could’ve improvised.

Adaptive cooking becomes an exploration of new flavours and combinations while taking stress out of your day. Imagine being able to open the fridge and pantry, see what is available, and just make something. Once you become confident in your abilities its no problem to simply use what is available and create something.

On Athletic Human, Adaptive Cooking and Opportunistic Eating is our newest section. You will learn fundamental cooking techniques, the basics of flavour combinations, how to create healthy and balanced meals. Stay tuned for your healthiest and tastiest year yet.




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