Americans Exercising More, But Still Getting Fatter

“More people are running, biking and walking in communities across America, but the added exercise has done little to curb the nation’s obesity epidemic, new research from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington has found.

Exercise levels across the nation rose between 2001 and 2009, according to the study, which was based primarily on phone surveys.

Women’s activity level made the greatest leap, rising to 51.3% saying they exercise weekly, compared to 46.7% in 2001. Overall, men are more active, with 58% reporting they exercise weekly, but the number marked only a 1% increase from 2001.”

By runners world:

How do we explain this radical difference between roughly 50% of adults exercising once per week but well over 60% are obese or overweight. Just because you exercise doesn’t mean you are fit much less healthy. We have an issue that is shamefully unique to America, we have an obesity epidemic and don’t know how to stop it.


We need more than fitness programs, more that nutritional guidance, we need a cultural revolution. There is no longer biological pressure requiring people to stay fit and healthy. There is a disconnect from our food, our bodies, and from nature. It has to change before we become a nation unable to move, much less defend itself.

We can learn from other cultures who have and are successfully maintaining their health and ability to move. This starts with you and it starts now.  Are you going to open your eyes and become a part of the solution or part of the problem. There is not a middle ground either you are moving towards health or away from it. If you are a parent what message are you sending your children. Start today, start the revolution to health and becoming the person you were born to be. Everyone was born to be healthy happy and free, claim your birthright today

2 thoughts on “Americans Exercising More, But Still Getting Fatter

  1. I organize a Longevity Community, with online and offline dimensions. In the offline dimension in the SF Bay Area, we prioritize activities that involve movement, like twice weekly Longevity Walks. I walked 6 miles on the SF Bay Bridge on Friday, and a few miles on the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday. I look forward to our group hosting community gardening, too!
    Anyone who would like can check us out:
    SF Bay Area MEETUP (On and OFFLINE):
    Bay and Beyond ONLINE:

    Yours truly,
    T. Bergenn

  2. People don’t realize that when you lose weight the wrong way and lose valuable, calorie burning muscle tissue, you’re going to lose the fat-loss battle in the end. And people have been losing that battle for decades. And now to make matters worse, we have more processed foods than ever and advances in technology is making our society even more sedentary. People need to change their ways and become more accountable. People need to get back to basics …. help is on the way. Coming soon – The Antioxidant Scanning Network will help empower people to take control of their health and lives.