Athletic Human

You were born to be a physical specimen capable of great feats. Each of us has been given amazing genetic gifts some may be biased towards strength while others have more endurance potential. However we all have the ability to achieve strength, endurance, speed, power, coordination, agility, and balance. All of these attributes are inherent and we can develop them to a great capacity far beyond what most people think is possible.

Athletic Human is a guide to claiming or reclaiming these abilities for all people. We share the same physical structure which means training rules hold the same from the beginner to your most elite athletes. Here I will provide you with professional level information that can be deciphered and digested by anyone yet remain high quality enough to educate the fitness professional. This means if you are a beginner it may require some additional reading and connecting article together. If you seek a greater understanding of fitness and yourself it will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Here all are welcome to come and information is free, but only those who pay the cost of intelligently focused hard work will reap the benefits. Athletic Human will provide culture and community that will foster your personal growth by sharing knowledge, experiences, and working together.

Your inherent athletic ability can be maximized through training, efficient movement patterns, proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, and lifestyle. Learning to manage these attributes will help you to enjoy a better life while sharing this gift with those around you. My goal is not to make everyone an elite athlete, rather to let everyone become happy, healthy, and free. To achieve these goals we must posses a base level of fitness. The ability to move is our most basic expression of freedom, and the pathway to health and happiness.

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