Barefoot Conditioning and Efficient Running

Running efficiently is a huge topic right now. How can you run faster , further, and will less injuries?

Start from the ground up. Making sure your feet are in good condition gives you a stable base to build from. Barefoot conditioning is one way to build strength and flexibility in your feet. Check out the photo below. Realize your feet are a network on tendons and muscles that if you let atrophy your almost ensuring injury and at least reduced performance.

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Sometimes the human body adaptation still amazes me.

I have been running barefoot for 18 months now. Although I started on pavement, last 12 months my runs were primarily on forest trails. I have been experiencing some changes to my feet along the way, mainly spreading of the toes, loosening and flexibility of the toes and a wider, more muscular foot.I thought it would be interesting to do a sole conditioning photo comparison so I went through some old photos I took early after starting running barefoot. I found one I took at about 1 month and tried to shoot a new one from about the same angle. This is a sole conditioning comparison of my foot at 1 month and 18 months of running barefoot. I think it is pretty interesting to see the amazing adaptation capabilities of a human body.


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