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The Start of Another Weekend Frenzy – State #7 Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

The start of Another Weekend Frenzy State #7 Mount Mitchell, North Carolina Elevation – 6684 Summit Date: 2/8/13 This week had been one of the longest work weeks of my life. I had started up a CrossFit location at my YMCA, in addition to taking on another part time job. This meant 5:30am to 7:00pm hours while getting the […]

Climbing to New Heights State #6 Mount Humphreys, Arizona

Climbing to New Heights State #6 Mount Humphreys, Arizona Elevation – 12,600ft Summit Date: 12/8/12 In addition to working full time I have a part time job working for a company called MovNat teaching outdoor fitness seminars. On Friday evening I would fly out at 5pm  to go teach a seminar after working eight hours […]

A Push to the End – State #5 Mount Rogers, Virginia

A Push to the End State #5 Mount Rogers, Virginia Elevation – 5,729ft Summit Date: 11/25/12 After driving for several hours Virginia came up fast and soon I was reading directions for the back roads up to the Appalachian Trail.  Cell phones have become indispensable. It became my gps, hotel booking service, restaurant finder, and radio […]
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In the Zone – #4 Black Mountain, Kentucky

In the Zone Black Mountain Kentucky Elevation 4,145ft Summit Date: 11/25/12   I kept driving and driving, the darkness had overtaken everything and the steady hum of the car on the highway was gently lulling me to sleep. So far in one day I had driven from before sunrise to after sunset, and was still going. I stopped for […]
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Time Crunch – #3 Spruce Knob, West Virginia

Time Crunch Spruce Knob, West Virginia Elevation 4,862 Summit Date 11/24/12 After the mad dash up and down Hoye-Crest, I jumped back in the car speeding off toward West Virginia’s high point Spruce Knob. This would be the highest peak yet. However the time crunch hit.  I had two hours and fifteen minutes of driving with […]

Into the snowstorm – #2 Hoye Crest, Maryland

Into the Snowstorm Hoye Crest, Maryland Elevation 3360 Summit Date 11/24/12 In Pennsylvania I took as many pictures as possible before the Olympus freeze proof camera lens became froze over. There was nothing wrong with the camera, the moisture in the air gathered on the surface of the camera and quickly froze. That shows you how […]
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Energy Bars Are Not Snacks

We are constantly bombarded with energy bars, protein bars, energy drinks, and other supplements. But there is a huge misunderstanding of what an energy bar actually is and when we should actually eat it. People often have a romanticized image of sports nutrition and what is “healthy.” But the bottom line is that energy bars are food. That’s […]
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Starting With a Whirlwind – #1 Mount Davis, Pennsylvania

Starting with a Whirlwind Mount Davis, Pennsylvania Elevation: 3,213ft Date: 11/24/12 I have always dreamed big, and when I start things it’s often with a bang, so this was no exception. We traveled as a family up to New York to visit family near Binghamton for Thanksgiving. The plan was to drive home on Saturday […]

50 States, 50 Peaks, and 1 Big Adventure

50 States, 50 Peaks, and 1 Big Adventure The idea of an adventure, exploring the outdoors, and pushing physical limitations has been part of what has defined me. For me hiking to the top of all 50 States represents a chance to not only achieve a challenging goal, but set a platform in which I hope […]

50 States: First Sponsor Inov-8 and the Ultimate Shoe Review

I am seeking help from sponsors to make our 50 States journey possible. Having the gear, time, and money is a challenge. Imagine trying to coordinate 50 different vacations in 50 states. Sounds fun right? Now add some serious mileage including hiking over 500 miles, driving and flying at least 10,000 miles and that doesn’t […]