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Shift Your Focus to Your Feet!

Shift Your Focus to Your Feet! Written by Melissa Hurley for CrossFit Invictus It is all too often that we forget about our feet. Our feet work so hard every day to help us in our daily routine and in our active activities. I like to remind myself and my clients that support begins at […]

Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink?

Orginially appeared on: Image on the right shows the wink and low back rounding Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink? Butt-wink is a term (totally scientific) used to describe the posterior rotation of the pelvis during a squat. This happens at different depths during a squat for different people, mainly depending on hamstring length. What causes the butt-wink? […]

Proper Pull-Up Form: How to do Pull-Ups Using the Correct Technique

Proper Pull-Up Form: How to do Pull-Ups Using the Correct Technique Posted On 17 Feb, 2013 – By – With 0 Comments Using proper pull-up form and the correct technique when learning how to do pull-ups is extremely important if you are to reap the full benefits of doing pull-ups as well as keep yourself injury free. Most […]

Hand Maintenance – 3 Easy Steps

Recently there was an explosion of interest in Hand Care – Preventing the Dreaded Callus Tear. This article went viral and was seen by audiences around the world, over 200,000 people in a matter of day, in addition to being shared by more CrossFit boxes than I could keep track of. Hand care is an issue […]
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Ankle Mobility Exercises

Ankle Mobility can be the number one issue affecting your squat, deadlift, running, and overall performance. The combination of shoes, too much time spent sitting, and lack of movement restricts ankles. Rather than having a flexible, powerful base of support that can turn on a dime or balance, you’ve replaced this with modern day peg […]

The Great Kettlebell Swing Debate

Kettlebells have exploded onto the fitness scene in the last 5 years. The russian kettlebell history is becoming a part of fitness worldwide due to a combination of pure kettlebell practitioners, and also CrossFit. Whenever you get multiple viewpoints on a subject it can get a bit touchy. The great debate is between performing Russian […]
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Open Those Hips!

Open Those Hips! Written by Intern Zach Erick We shake them on the dance floor, we rest children on them, and some people are even trying to lose them. They’re your hips, or as Coach Tino calls them, your “haps”, and their proper functioning is imperative to becoming a better athlete. The hips are formed […]

The Psoas, Your Most Important Muscle

The Psoas is: (A) A remote tribe in Papua, New Guinea. (B) A revolutionary computer operating system. (C) The muscle that is the key to your structural stability. By Liz Koch If you guessed C, you’re correct. Buried deep within the core of your body, the psoas (pronounced “so-az”) affects every facet of your life, […]
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Identifying Upper Cross Syndrome for Dummies (Part 1)

Identifying Upper Cross Syndrome for Dummies (Part 1) Written by Michele Vieux Do you know where your traps are? What about your trapezius? If you are shaking your head “no”, then chances are you are also activating your upper traps – that muscle we use to shrug our shoulders when we don’t know the answer […]