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Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink?

Orginially appeared on: Image on the right shows the wink and low back rounding Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink? Butt-wink is a term (totally scientific) used to describe the posterior rotation of the pelvis during a squat. This happens at different depths during a squat for different people, mainly depending on hamstring length. What causes the butt-wink? […]
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You Have to Air Squat Before You Overhead Squat!

Written by Zach Erick for You Have to Air Squat Before You Overhead Squat! Written by Zach Erick It’s very easy to be wooed at the sight of Games athletes performing flawless muscle-ups and flipping 500 lb objects with ease. It should go without saying that these competitors have trained years and years to […]

There Ain’t Nothing to It But to Do It!

Originally written for CrossFitInvictus.Com There Ain’t Nothing to It But to Do It! Written by Zach Erick How many times have you seen the coaches or competitors at Invictus perform complex movements with ease? As you watch your fellow Invicti gracefully walk on their hands or perform bar muscle-ups, do you ever catch yourself saying […]

Get Up and Move!

Get Up and Move! Written by Nick Hawkes How do you think our ancestors mobilized? Did they wake up every morning and grab a small quaky aspen to mash their quads on before tracking down a mammoth? Perhaps they grabbed the roundest cobble stone from the slow moving creek bed next to their cave to […]

Hand Maintenance – 3 Easy Steps

Recently there was an explosion of interest in Hand Care – Preventing the Dreaded Callus Tear. This article went viral and was seen by audiences around the world, over 200,000 people in a matter of day, in addition to being shared by more CrossFit boxes than I could keep track of. Hand care is an issue […]

Performing on Paleo

This article originally appeared on CrossFit Invictus. I have recently switch from eating healthy, to going 100% paleo. For me it was  a small switch as most dairy was already gone, and I’d already eliminated most grains. What also significantly helped was zone-paleo. Paleo basically means eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meat. Zone means […]

The Great Kettlebell Swing Debate

Kettlebells have exploded onto the fitness scene in the last 5 years. The russian kettlebell history is becoming a part of fitness worldwide due to a combination of pure kettlebell practitioners, and also CrossFit. Whenever you get multiple viewpoints on a subject it can get a bit touchy. The great debate is between performing Russian […]
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Hip and Shoulder Mobility – How to Open Up Your Joints

We consistently get tight hips and shoulder from too much time sitting at the computer, at work, driving, and generally being inactive. Even those of us who work on staying active can use a bit of help sometimes. Check out this great article originally posted by   It would take a million years to […]
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The Central Governor Theory

The Central Governor Theory has been around for quite a while now, but what exactly is it? The Central Governor Theory states that your mind will always subconsciously prioritize safety of your Central Nervous System first, then secondly safeguard your muscles and joints from serious physical damage by shutting you down. What does this means […]
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Do you need therapy?

\ Do you need squat therapy? Written by Nuno Costa If you were taken back by the title of this blog post, please read on as this may apply to making you a better mover. You may or may not have heard of squat therapy before and I am here to introduce you to this […]
Torn Hands

Hand Care – Preventing the Dreaded Callus Tear

This article was written for CrossFitters, but it applies to anyone using their hands during workouts. If you MovNat, lift, do gymnastics, or anything else involving lots of grip work you need to learn to take care of your hands. JANUARY 21, 2013 BY MITCH MEDEIROS Three things are inevitable in the life of a CrossFitter: Death […]

How to Master The Overhead Press

This is a great introduction into overhead lifts and correct positioning. Published on October 1st, 2007 Written by: Mehdi Up to 1972 the Overhead press was part of Weightlifting competitions. Flexible athletes arched their back to press more weight overhead. This made judging hard, causing the removal of the Overhead Press from competitions. Today the […]
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Open Those Hips!

Open Those Hips! Written by Intern Zach Erick We shake them on the dance floor, we rest children on them, and some people are even trying to lose them. They’re your hips, or as Coach Tino calls them, your “haps”, and their proper functioning is imperative to becoming a better athlete. The hips are formed […]

Have Some Standards – Learn the Big 3 Lifts

Beast Skills author Jim discusses the three big lifts and the difference between movement standards and movement form. This is something everyone needs to understand. Nothing I say in this post is revolutionary. Nothing I say here is all that new. But what I will cover in this post needs to be repeated time and […]

A Weak Foundation: How to Screen Your Ankles, Improve Performance, and Decrease Injury

No one would’ve opened this article if I called it, “screening your ankles and increasing your mobility.” However the truth is the ankle may be the most ignored joint next to the wrist in terms of athletic performance, flexibility, and injury prevention.Speaking in terms of a structural integrity, the base is the single most important factor. […]

Why I haven’t taught you to kip

Occasionally you come across an article that is so well written you couldn’t have said it better yourself. This is that article and a great read for all CrossFit athletes and anyone else about pull-ups. Keep an open mind when you read this, because this idea of shoulder stability and when it is appropriate to […]

Use Your Head to Save Your Neck: 4 Ways You’re Causing Neck Injury

There is a disturbing trend within the nation in the fitness industry and CrossFit community. There are a growing number of neck injuries, strains, and pain. People keep asking, “How do I fix my neck pain?” My answer is, “Don’t even get neck pain.” There is a direct correlation between poor form and posture and increased injury rates. […]

50 States: First Sponsor Inov-8 and the Ultimate Shoe Review

I am seeking help from sponsors to make our 50 States journey possible. Having the gear, time, and money is a challenge. Imagine trying to coordinate 50 different vacations in 50 states. Sounds fun right? Now add some serious mileage including hiking over 500 miles, driving and flying at least 10,000 miles and that doesn’t […]
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CrossFit Gymnastics

This past weekend I attended the CrossFit Gymnastics Course in Durham North Carolina. With almost fifty CrossFit coaches in a single location for 16 hours, this two-day certification was an incredible learning and networking experience. It is always refreshing to be surrounded with like-minded fitness professionals. I left with new knowledge, skills, motivation to train, and even […]