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6 Graphs That Show Why The “War” on Fat Was a Huge Mistake

The “war” on saturated fat is the biggest mistake in the history of nutrition. As people have reduced their intake of animal fat and cholesterol, many serious diseases have gone up. We are now in the midst of worldwide pandemics of obesity, metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes. Studies conducted in the past few decades conclusively show that […]
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Liquid Death – What You Need To Know About Sweeteners

Liquid Death Written by Calvin Sun With the increasing popularity of the Paleo Diet, many people are turning to agave nectar as a sweetener in many of their favorite recipes. It’s understandable to see why people would think of using agave nectar as it doesn’t add any other flavors like many sweeteners and it tastes […]

The Safest and Smartest Progression for Building Your Overhead Lifts

Jeff Kuhland The press, push press, push jerk, snatch, and overhead squat all require a specific level of shoulder mobility before you should perform them under any significant load. If these movements are performed with an improper range of motion, then they can cause significant damage to your shoulder while simultaneously setting your back and […]
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Gymcentric is not Natural

Gymcentric is not Natural I first met Ed at the MovNat expansion course in West Virginia. I was helping Erwan Le Corre set up, coach, and run these natural movement seminars. We spent 5 days running around Summersville Lake barefoot, with no shirts, playing in the outdoors, and learning to move again. I distinctly remember Ed, he […]

Exercises to Combat Poor Posture and Rounded Shoulders

Written by: Tuesday Training: Exercises to Combat Poor Posture and Rounded Shoulders I can’t help but notice that a lot of young people these days have hunched/rounded shoulders and very poor posture. Take a look around you and you’ll see it, too. Look in the mirror – you may even be one of them. I […]

The Importance of Mobility: The Hips

Many of you are learning about the hips, how to open them up and what proper hip function looks like. Yesterday we posted Open Those Hips! giving you some tools to get moving again. Here is a deeper explination into the Hips. The Importance of Mobility: The Hips People are exceedingly mobile these days. We […]

15 Great Excuses Not to Form the Fitness Habit

Post written by Leo Babauta. Lots of people know they should be getting fit, but they can’t seem to find the time to form the fitness habit. Why might you be putting things off? Let’s look at the justifications, and try to blast them. I don’t have the time. Do 5 minutes a day. You can […]

Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation

Sitting has become the way many people experience life. As Erwan Le Corre ( says, we live in a movement impoverished society. Movement is no longer mandatory rather an option and the scary truth is many people are not moving much at all. If you spend 8 hours sleep, 8 hours at work (desk job), […]
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Treating Upper Cross Syndrome for Dummies (Part 2)

This is the follow up for Part 1 Identifying Upper Cross Syndrome from last week. Treating Upper Cross Syndrome for Dummies (Part 2) Written by Michele Vieux So, what can be done to prevent or fix the Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS) problem many of you seem to be coming down with? According to physical therapy […]
The Role of Carbohydrates in Recovery

Active Versus Passive Recovery

Last week we had a huge response to the “ARE YOU RESTING OR ARE YOUR RECOVERING” article. This included several questions on where can I get more details on active recovery, what intensity is allowed during active recovery, and how do I program that into my workouts? This is a great article that includes many […]

Why Fear of Discomfort Might Be Ruining Your Life

By Leo Babauta Think about the major problems in your life — from anxiety to lack of regular exercise to a bad diet to procrastination and more. Pretty much every one of these problems is caused by a fear of discomfort. Discomfort isn’t intense pain, but just the feeling you get when you’re out of your […]

Liking Healthy Foods is a Choice

By Leo Babauta I have a theory that I’ve been testing: whether you have a taste for a particular food is a choice. I’m sure there are things you turn your nose up at: vegetables (lots of people), or kale (my kids), eggplant (Eva), tofu (many non-vegetarians), quinoa (crazy people), something. But what I’ve learned is […]
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Learn the Deadlift and Fix it Forever

Establishing Your Drive Train: Screening and Correcting the Hip Hinge Everyone has the same basic movement patterns – we habitually pick objects up off the floor, squat, sit up, and perform countless other patterns. These patterns are manifested in many different ways from daily activity to specific training, such as deadlifting heavy loads to build strength. […]

Consistent Hard Effort Over Time: The Only Guaranteed Method of Success

I work in a unique setting. I manage and coach a CrossFit within a YMCA, so I am exposed to what is known here as “hardcore” athletes (the CrossFit athletes) and also our health seekers. A health seeker is your average person looking to get fit but really doesn’t know anything. Both crowds are extremely different […]

“Fitness is a Small World Within the Universe of Movement”

Ido Portal is an inspirational mover and teacher. Check out this video to see what is possible. We accept limitations that are imposed from our cultural norms, family traditions, friends, and family. Challenge yourself to try something new this week, and move well!

Why Screening and Corrective Exercise Should Be the Foundation of Every Exercise Program

Functional exercise, prehabilitation, and corrective exercises are growing exponentially and being addressed in everything from Runner’s World, Men’s Health, collegiate strength and conditioning journals, and more. The industry has recognized change is needed in the way we train and address injuries. Injury statistics for new runners are staggering. In 2010, Runner’s World survey results showed 60% of runners reported chronic […]