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This past weekend I attended the CrossFit Gymnastics Course in Durham North Carolina. With almost fifty CrossFit coaches in a single location for 16 hours, this two-day certification was an incredible learning and networking experience. It is always refreshing to be surrounded with like-minded fitness professionals. I left with new knowledge, skills, motivation to train, and even more excited to share what I had learned with others.

Upon my return, I wrote an article on attending this cert, for CrossFit Gymnastics: Bodyweight Mechanics are Basics for a ReasonGoing back to bodyweight and perfecting gymnastics movement can translate to being a better all-around athlete. Here’s what I learned at the CrossFit Gymnastics certification.

  • Do less and do it better. Instead of cramming more volume into your training make sure the training you have is effective and performed to the best of your ability
  • Don’t CrossFit the s@# out of it. Warm-ups and skills cannot be won, yet think how many overly competitive people rush through them. Also when going through progressions don’t try to go beyond where you currently are or where your instructor is taking you.
  • You can never be too good at the basics. If your air squat isn’t perfect, then why are you trying to overhead squat anything at all?
  • Failure conditions more failure. Your body continuously learns the patterns you are going through, therefore you should not fail on lifts or gymnastics movements unless testing for a PR. You should only test for PRs every six to eight weeks, and most of the time a 95-98% effort is better suited

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