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I was recently given to opportunity to do an interview with John Sifferman owner and operator of Physical Living. I met John in Summersville Lake West Virginia while assisting with MovNat seminars. We were living out of tents, eating paleo, and running around barefoot. John was an incredible participant, grasping not only the movements very quickly, but embraced the lifestyle of true health, weland deeper culture of MovNat. He is someone who not only understands movement at a high level but also the lifestyle that supports true health and wellbeing.

Jeff Kuhland

Jeff Kuhland – NSCA-CSCS, MovNat Certified Trainer, FMS 1+2, CrossFit Level 1, USA Track and Field Coach, Tether-ball extraordinaire

If you haven’t met Jeff Kuhland before, it’s probably because he’s been so busy trekking through the back country via compass and topo maps, battling river rapids by raft or kayak, pulling all-nighters in some obscure wilderness with his adventure race team, competing in all kinds of races from track sprints to ultra-marathons, and enjoying many other larger-than-life adventures. This guy is truly living it, and when he’s not out having fun, he’s in having fun by helping people get healthier, fitter, and reconnect with their true nature.

I met Jeff at one of the very first MovNat retreats that was held in the USA back in 2009. He was assisting Erwan Le Corre during all four of the 5-day seminars – as an intern, of sorts. And when he was not working on some administrative tasks (e.g. cooking, cleaning, etc.), he would join us for MovNat training during the day. Sometimes he would join our group, or just do his own thing off in the distance – stealing a glance or two from the participants (we’d be thinking, “how’d he do that?”).

Jeff happened to be my partner during my very first MovNat combo workout. Erwan setup a little circuit of sorts for the whole gang, and we did it in pairs. So, Jeff and I ran on a fallen tree trunk (ie balancing), competed in a tree-branch pull-up contest (he won), and then we threw large rocks at each other (err… to each other), and finished with some tree-trunk deadlifts. Erwan gave Jeff and I the heavy one. Thanks buddy.

The retreat was held at a park campground, with the usual assortment of amenities (including people who “camp” in RV’s that make my house look primitive). And so, after a long day of training that finished with our partner combo workout, Jeff and I decided it would be prudent to battle it out in a game of tether-ball. It took awhile, but in the end, Jeff whooped me – bad. But I did dominate in a game of horseshoes later – my redeeming glory.

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