Product Reivew – Beetle Bag

Product Review – BeetleBag

Recently I was given the opportunity to do a product review for the BeetleBag through Deep Creek PR. The BeetleBag is a bicycle frame bag that converts into a backpack to carry your essentials on your bike or on your back without missing any of the action.

I was very curious to see how this bag would work, if it was a good hybrid backpack and bike bag. Also important what types of riding would the BeetleBag be appropriate for. My normal rides fall into three categories, road riding (training), mountain biking, and fun rides with friends. The road rides are normally 8-15 miles at a fast tempo, mountain bike rides 30-60 minutes on the trails, and casual rides are just at a slow pace to enjoy time with friends talking and enjoying being outside. I took the bag on several different rides  to test its capability in different settings.


  • Lightweight
  • Lot’s of expandable room for a small footprint bag
  • Ease of use


  • Not large enough for a full day trip or commute to the office carrying any supplies
  • Designed for easy riding commutes, will bounce around on a mountain bike even if in backpack mode

BeetleBag Backpack 

Beetle Bag on the Bike Carrier



Overall I really enjoyed the use of the BeetleBag and will continue to use it during my social rides with friends which matches the purpose of the bag as advertised. It can carry your water bottle, snacks, a spare tire, bike tools, and more.


How to attach the BeetleBag to your bike:

1. Drape the bag over the top-tube of your bicycle.
2. Loop the Velcro straps around your front handlebar mount to hold the BeetleBag securely in place.
3. Snap the front strap to hold the front portion of the BeetleBag.
4. Snap the rear strap to hold the rear portion of the BeetleBag.

How to convert the BeetleBag into a backpack:

1. Unsnap the adjustable straps from the bottom of the top-tube.
2. Unhook the Velcro straps from the handlebar mount.
3. Unzip the two zippers from the bottom side of the bag.
4. Pull out the shoulder straps, put your arms through so that the BeetleBag rests on your back and adjust straps for comfort.

To get your own BeetleBag:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the BeetleBag for free from BeetleBag as coordinated by Outdoor PR  in consideration for review publication

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