Product Review – C2 Performance Tights

I was given the opportunity to review a pair of C2 Performance Tights by Deep Creek PR. C2 is a brand started by Jane Hayes, a New England native who wanted to design clothes she wished she had for herself when she was out on her bike long after everyone else had hung it up and headed to the gym. So naturally I was excited to try out a product developed by a fellow athlete.

The description for the Performance Tights reads: Rainy (or any wet weather) is no match for the performance tight. Polartec technology wicks away moisture so that drizzle won’t dampen your spirits or give you a chill. The soft, stretchy fabric looks good on everyone. And don’t put them away when the weather dips. They’re a perfect base layer to regulate your core temp.

So this all sounds pretty great I’m ready to check them out. The package showed up on the delivery date and included a nice note from C2. Now these tights because of the design are to be used in cold weather. They arrived mid April so the morning can still be plenty cold. I took them out the next day for a three mile run in the mountains at approximately 50 degrees. With just a t-shirt I kept plenty warm even boarded on hot when running uphill. The tights because the poly blend are extremely comfortable and remind me of whitewater rafting poly gear.

I took the tights on several other runs ranging from two to six miles as well. What I really enjoy about them is how well they stay in place not riding up or falling down. Because of the unique materials and construction they stay with you much better than any other tights I’ve worn before. The only downside I found is they can only be used when it’s cold or cool outside. Once it get a bit warmer there is an intermediate zone that lighter weight tights/pants may fit better before you’re ready to switch to shorts for the season.


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For technical details of the Product Description:

Textile:Polartec® Power Stretch® single velour

  • content: 49% Poly, 38% Nylon, 13% Spandex
  • strengths: insulation, abrasion resistance, moisture transfer, wind resistance, light weight and water shedding
  • This textile was developed to maximize the garment’s range of motion. The majority of elastic base materials can stretch during movement, but lack the tensile strength to recover their original shape and eventually become permanently damaged. By utilizing elastic fibers with enhanced resilience in our stretch construction we made a performance-fit base fabric that can handle the pressure of demanding physical activities.

Construction techniques:

  • Flatlock
  • Overlock
  • Top Stitch finishing


I’m also a big fan of products that are MADE IN THE USA.

C2 is 100% manufactured in the USA, including the materials, design, and all the hands that make and bring the product to you. We will never purchase products or services from outside the USA that are available from the USA.

I received Performance Tights for free from C2 as coordinated by Outdoor PR  in consideration for review publication.


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