Product Review: Perchmount Fit

Perchmount Fit: Product Review


Everyone that participates in fitness, movement, or any type of training needs proper form. It’s well known among all of the different communities if you have good form you’ll be able to train harder and put up better results. With bad form you not only feel worse, but run the risk of injury. Originally you only had one option. Get a coach, or an educated friend to watch you form. Unfortunately these days it’s not always easy to have someone checking up on you. Beyond the simple lifts, breaking down your Olympic lifts can be downright tough even for a good coach to see everything that’s going on.


Perchmount Fit is a new phone mount that allows you to take video or rapid fire photos of your lift / workout. Having this data is invaluable to get you in better form, keep your safe, and boost your results. Perchmount sent me a mount to try for myself and give you an honest review. Overall I’m impressed.  The design is simple, yet effective. It can hold basically any phone on the market, and has a very strong magnet. The mount is durable. I’ve subjected it to the normal usage, plus stretched it a bit further than needed, dropped it many times, given it some good general abuse and it still looks like new.

The mount does rely on a magnet, or it can be used to prop up your phone on the floor or on a flat surface. So for all your CrossFit junkies that have rogue rigs, this is perfect. If you work out at a traditional gym things become a bit harder, especially if you don’t have a metal frame near your workout spot. Also if you’re working out at home this can be a challenge. It does stick very well to dumbbells and metal kettlebell handles. The magnet is very strong for its size.


The magnet does not affect your regular smart phone. As a warning that they include the following information: the magnet should not be used with older IPOD’s that still have a disk drive!!! This also means don’t place this magnet on your computer.

In addition to taking video, your phone can be used with many apps as a timer. You can keep track of reps/rounds, tabata, and much more with a smart phone these days. The magnet is strong enough to hold the phone is place but be careful if you are at the end of hard work out and starting to lose that fine motor control, you can knock it off. I’m also a fan because the price is $25 making it affordable and reasonably priced. Perchmount comes in black, red, neon, and pink.



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