Product Review Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0




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Product Review Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0



Reebok crashed onto the scene with the original CrossFit Nano and started a new trend for crossfitters. Now we finally had a shoe designed for us and the unique demands of our sport. Building a shoe to support olympic lifts, plyometrics, running distance, and climbing ropes is not an easy task. The first shoe was a hit and since then they have been making improvements.

If you compare the 4.0 to the 3.0 you can look for the following

  • More breathable – due to mesh under the cage allowing for better airflow
  • Lighter – by re-engineering the duracage and changing the mesh
  • More flexible – re-engineered duracage allows more flexibility in the forefoot and toe

So when reviewing the Nano 4.0 I had two questions in mind. Is this a shoe that someone should buy for CrossFit when they are in the market. Is the 4.0 an improvement from the 3.0.  I’ve had a pair of the Nano 2.0 and 3.0 to compare the model with and have worn these shoes out. That’s not an easy task but once they got wore down below I like to use them for my workouts I transitioned them to work shoes and put the miles on.

If you are looking for an all around shoe to do everything CrossFit you’ve found it. For the beginner CrossFit athlete this is what I recommend as their first purchase, everything else can wait. Once you become a bit more advanced and decide you ready to spend more money I would advise getting a variety of shoes including running shoes, olympic lifting shoes, and keep your pair of Nano’s for anything in between. The Nano is a hybrid shoe designed to do it all. That means for pure olympic lifting its never going to be an olympic lifting shoe, but good luck trying to run, do agility work, or many other movements in some oly shoes.

The 4.0 is an improvement over the 3.0 and essentially it all boils down to the new design is more minimal in comparison. Changes in the upper of the shoe make it more breathable, lighter, and flexible. It still does seem like a very durable shoe and will hold up to plenty of abuse. If your 3.0’s still have life left in them go ahead and wear them out before you purchase your 4.0’s but you wont be disappointed when you do. None of the changes are drastic rather a small improvement on an already great product.



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