Proper Pull-Up Form: How to do Pull-Ups Using the Correct Technique

Proper Pull-Up Form: How to do Pull-Ups Using the Correct Technique

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Using proper pull-up form and the correct technique when learning how to do pull-ups is extremely important if you are to reap the full benefits of doing pull-ups as well as keep yourself injury free.

Most of the troubles involving the use of improper pull-up form stem form only one thing – <b>THE EGO</b>. Most people who are learning how to do pull-ups want to take shortcuts in order to achieve their targets so they can satisfy their ego and impress their friends. What they don’t realize is that cheating your way through the process is only pushing them backwards.

Just like anything good in life, it takes time to be able to do a lot of pull-ups. But if you use proper form and correct technique, your results will actually speed up even though it all might seem too slow initially.

Not only that, since pull-ups work so many muscles all at once, the down side is that if not done with the proper form, they can cause injuries too.

So here is what you have to remember while performing a pull-up:

  1. Start off by hanging on the bar, with your palms facing towards you in case you are doing a chin-up, away from you in case you are doing a pull-up, or facing each other in case of a neutral pull-up. To know more about these forms, read our article on the different types of pull-ups.
  2. Make sure your arms are fully extended, but don’t keep your shoulders too loose. This position is known as a dead-hang position.
  3. You should grip the bar at approximately shoulder-width distance. In case of chin-ups and neutral grip pull-ups, this can vary a bit as in these cases the distance between the arms is slightly lesser than in case of a standard pull-up.
  4. You can keep your legs either in the crossed form, or straight.
  5. Now raise yourself at a slow to medium pace. Here you have to make sure that your body is not swinging too much. It should go up as steadily as possible.  Do not make the mistake of jumping up so you can use the momentum of your body to pull yourself up. It does not serve any purpose, and you can end up pulling your shoulder muscle.
  6. Raise your body till your chin clears the bar COMPLETELY. Do not cheat here. Many people will do just about anything to clear the chin.  Do not make the mistake of kicking back with your legs to raise your body to clear the bar. Not only is it wrong, it looks pretty ridiculous too.

      Also, do not look up so that it seems like your chin has cleared the bar. Your chin should be in a natural position.

  7. Slowly start lowering your body till your arms are back in the dead-hang position. You may get tempted to lower your body too fast. Avoid this, as while going down too fast, you can risk pulling your shoulder muscle.
  8. This whole process counts as one repetition.

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