Time Crunch – #3 Spruce Knob, West Virginia

Time Crunch

Spruce Knob, West Virginia

Elevation 4,862

Summit Date 11/24/12


After the mad dash up and down Hoye-Crest, I jumped back in the car speeding off toward West Virginia’s high point Spruce Knob. This would be the highest peak yet. However the time crunch hit.  I had two hours and fifteen minutes of driving with only two and a half hours of sunlight left. Luckily you can drive within several hundred feet of the summit, otherwise there would be no chance of making it in the light. I also had a very quick detour at the Smallest Church and Smallest Post Office in the contiguous United States located in West Virginia. The church also contained the smallest confessional.The church fully packed it couldn’t have fit more than 20 people. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The closer I got to West Virginia the harder the snow fell and deeper it got. The roads were covered and the winding hills were slowing me down. I drove carefully after spinning the tires a few times. As I began to climb Spruce Knob it was grueling work for the car, making me appreciate not having to hike this mountain after a long day in the car. The road leading up to the summit twists back and forth with switchback after switchback. I made the summit as the sun was setting, and quickly ran to the top. The view was limited by the snow and dimming light however it was still just as fulfilling. I had stood on top of three states in a single day. This was a great feeling and perhaps a bit too contagious. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yeah it was cold

Photo Nov 24, 5 09 27 PM  View from the top of Spruce Knob right after sunset

Photo Nov 24, 5 07 00 PM


I had made it our journey was over. All that was left was the 5 hour drive home…or was it. I finally began to relax and recount the day’s journey. It had been a mad dash start to finish and now it was the sobering ride home. The rush of summiting 3 states in a single day was starting to wear off and the tiredness set in. The hard conditions of the road however demanded full attention and worn from driving since 6 that morning. I replayed the day’s events and wished that life could always be such a fun chase, striving for goals others would seeming dismiss as too hard or simply don’t make sense to them. I have always been a dreamer and lived in the moment, enjoying the thrill of a challenge or adventure. It is all encompassing during the journey but soon after it ends it starts to fade, and quickly the urge for a new adventure takes hold.

This process happened in record time, and in no less than 15 minutes I had another idea, why stop now? What was I doing tomorrow anyways? Shouldn’t I keep going. At this pace I drove into the night straight towards Kentucky to grab two more states tomorrow. I cruised along as fast as the road conditions would allow, getting faster as we descended down the mountain. Soon we were on back roads cutting across the country side. This turned out to be an incredible blessing during the trip as I experienced far more of the country and culture than on that back roads opposed to the main highways. There would be some incredible sights to see driving through the backwoods of West Virginia and Kentucky.

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